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Body Treatments

Try our organic body treatments carefully crafted with the finest organic ingredients to nourish your skin and revitalize your senses. Experience the cutting-edge benefits of photon therapy, enhancing your overall well-being through the healing power of light. Discover a world of tranquility, beauty, and wellness where your path to serenity begins.

Organic Body Treatments

Designed to pamper your body and soothe your senses, our organic body treatments harness the power of nature’s finest ingredients to nourish and hydrate your skin. Let the healing properties of organic herbs and botanicals work their magic, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and radiant. For those seeking a more profound detoxification, our detoxifying body treatments are specially formulated to eliminate toxins and impurities from your body, helping you feel lighter and more energized. Our therapeutic body treatments offer a truly transformative experience that will leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Beach Glow Body Treatment

50/80 minutes – $155/$200
This is your get ready for summer treatment all year around! Treat your body to a Vitamin E-rich therapy because a smoother, more vibrant you is SO in! We buff the rough away with a sugar-rich polish that turns into a milky lather as it works its skin-softening magic! Arms, legs, and shoulders then drink up a glycolic acid serum to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. End with a feathery-soft body mousse, blended with age-defending peptides that love to plump and add pep back into bouncy skin’s step!

Citrus Glazed Gelee Body Treatment

50/80 minutes – $175/$225
Want to look and feel gorgeous from head to toe! This vitamin C wrap is for you! A Vitamin E infused wrap, scented with delicious notes of vanilla, wraps arms, legs and shoulders into a much-needed steaming nourishment! Breathe deeply, then exhale as skin gets softer. Then, a foaming whip with botanical suds rinses skin clan before a smoothing serum unveils your silkiest skin yet. This newfound glow is sealed with a crisp, glistening body oil. The scent of fresh clementine oranges now surrounds you.

Smooth as Silk Correcting Body Treatment

50/80 minutes – $175/$225
Get ready to smooth your tired skin! We begin the process with a sultry Vitamin E rich therapy, followed by buffing the rough away with a sugar-rich polish that turns into a milky lather as it works its skin-softening magic. Arms, legs and shoulders then drink up a glycolic acid serum to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! You end with a feathery-soft body mouse, blended with age-defending peptides that love to plump and add pep back into bouncy skin’s step!

Glow & Get It Brightening Body Treatment

50/80 minutes – $145/$185
Is your skin in search of its long-lost glow? You’ve found it with this body treatment! We begin with a nourishing, Vitamin E soak made with Cranberries and Oranges, that softens the skin. For a spirited exfoliation we use a whipped honey salt body scrub followed by a body treatment made with Georgia muscadine grapes. Next, you are nestled into a resveratrol serum to reverse the hands of time and soothe over the look of fine lines. Finish with an organic cucumber extract shea butter to nourish and hydrate.


Crystal Rainbow, Infrared, Anti-Inflammatory, Detox and Cleansing Heating Mat

30 minutes – $30
This seven – crystal rainbow infrared, anti-inflammatory, detox, and cleansing heating mat comes with a choice to add PEMF and Photon therapy. Unlike other mats that feature just one crystal, this mat contains the frequencies and healing crystals for all seven chakras. When you heat up the mat and gemstones it’s like a sauna effect, you can lay down on it to release tension all throughout your body.

The combination of heat, PEMF, photon therapy, and crystals aims to provide a comprehensive therapeutic experience.

Heating Mat: The heating mat is designed to provide localized heat therapy to specific areas of the body. Heat therapy is known to improve blood circulation, relax muscles, reduce pain, and promote healing.

PEMF Therapy: PEMF therapy utilizes electromagnetic fields to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. The pulsed electromagnetic fields emitted by the mat can penetrate deep into the body, promoting cellular regeneration, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain.

Photon Therapy: Photon therapy, also known as light therapy, involves the use of specific wavelengths of light to provide therapeutic benefits. Light therapy can improve skin health, boost collagen production, accelerate tissue repair, and enhance overall well-being.

Crystal Technology: The mat incorporates the use of crystals, which are believed to have their own unique healing properties. Different crystals may be used, each with its own purported benefits, such as promoting relaxation, balancing energy, or supporting emotional well-being.


Gentle Yoga (Meditation in Motion) with Jane

Thursdays from 10 to 11, $20 per person, call or go online to book your spot. Pay the Instructor directly.

Experience gentle Yoga and Yoga Nidra blended as effortless movement and meditation. Beginning with Yoga Nidra meditation, then moving into gentle yoga poses. Tune into the innate intelligence of the body so that you can move effortlessly through life. All levels welcome.

Suggested props: yoga mat, blanket, towel, water (Mat and blanket are provided if needed)

crystal bed therapy

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