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Brows and Lashes

Soluna Lashes

Eyelash extensions offer an easy and safe way to enhance your natural beauty. Our skilled technicians use a meticulous and gentle process to apply individual extensions to your existing lashes, resulting in a fuller, longer, and more glamorous look. You can say goodbye to the hassle of daily mascara and eyelash curlers. Plus, our extensions are carefully chosen to be lightweight and comfortable, ensuring your natural lashes remain healthy and undamaged. With proper care, you can enjoy the stunning effects of eyelash extensions for weeks, all while looking and feeling your best.


Natural Full Set – $200
Volume Full Set – $250
Mega Full Set – $300
Natural – One Hour Fill – $100
Volume – 90 Minute Fill – $150
Mega Fill – $200

Soluna LASH LIFT – $125

This treatment includes curling rods and medical grade solution which is used to curl your lashes. This service is also known as a lash perm that provides a curl and lift to your lashes! This service works best on patients that are assessed to have natural lashes in healthy and good condition.

Lash lift vs extensions

Soluna Brows/Waxing

Brow shaping and waxing are the keys to achieving well-defined and beautifully sculpted eyebrows effortlessly. Our expert aestheticians use precision techniques and gentle, high-quality waxes to tailor your brows to perfection. This process not only removes unwanted hair but also shapes and accentuates your natural arch, enhancing your overall facial symmetry and allure.

Brows and Waxing

Brow Wax – $25
Chin Wax – $25
Lip Wax – $10
Full Face Wax – $65
Brow Tint – $25
Lash Tint – $25
Underarm Waxing – $25
Full Face – $50
Back Wax (1/2) – $50
Full Back – $75
Full Legs – $75
1/2 Legs – $40


This service creates a shiny, smooth, and tamed brow. This is great for people looking for a fluffy brow without the need for brow gel, or if your natural brow hairs are curly, unruly or pointed downwards. This is known as the “brow permanent”, a permanent solution, neutralizing lotion, and moisturizing treatment is used to temporarily relax and redirect your brow hairs upwards into place! This treatment can last up to 6 week

Brow Lamination
Brow Lamination

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