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Cosmetic Treatments

Required – All New Patients must schedule a Cosmetic Consultation with the provider: $100 — 30 minute appointment, Consultation fee will go towards the cosmetic treatment.

Botox Specialist in Bonita Springs

Botoxis is known for its impressive safety record, effectiveness, and swift results. It has been used for decades and has undergone rigorous testing and clinical trials to ensure its safety. Botox works by temporarily relaxing specific facial muscles, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Its quick application, typically taking just a few minutes, makes it a convenient choice for those seeking a more youthful appearance without the need for extensive downtime. The results are noticeable within a few days and can last for several months, allowing individuals to enjoy a refreshed and rejuvenated look without major surgery or prolonged recovery periods.

Dysport/Botox (Neurotoxin)

$14.50 per unit

Zone 1 – Glabella — $300
Zone 2 – Forehead — $225
Zone 3 – Crows Feet — $300


Cosmetic Facial Fillers

Cosmetic facial fillers offer a range of benefits, coupled with a strong safety profile, making them a popular choice for individuals seeking facial rejuvenation. These injectable treatments, often based on hyaluronic acid or other biocompatible substances, can effectively restore lost volume, smooth out wrinkles, and enhance facial contours. The procedures are minimally invasive, typically requiring little to no downtime, and the results are immediate, providing a natural-looking, youthful appearance. Furthermore, fillers are generally well-tolerated, with rare adverse reactions that are typically mild and temporary. With skilled administration by trained professionals, cosmetic facial fillers are a safe and reliable option for those looking to enhance their facial aesthetics.


Versa/RHA 1 & 2 – $650 per syringe

Radiesse/Juvederm Ultra/Juvederm Plus – $850 per syringe

Sculptra – $950 per syringe

Hands Package – $1500.00 – 2 syringes


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a natural product collected by your own body. A small amount of blood is drawn from you and placed in a sterile tube that is spun down in a centrifuge to separate the different components of the blood.  Red and white blood cells are divided from the platelets and the plasma (the clear fluid).  This plasma now contains a higher-than-normal number of platelets and is called platelet rich plasma, or PRP.

HOW PLATELETS REJUVENATE SKIN Platelets are the cells in the blood that help tissue to heal and grow new cells.  The PRP, injected into specific areas of the skin, act as a matrix that promotes your own collagen to grow, regenerates tissue, and thus acts as to naturally smooth and tighten the skin.  In this way, PRP softens wrinkles and creates smoother skin texture and tone using your own cells.

PRP FOR HAIR LOSS PRP contains essential proteins that stimulate natural hair growth. During this procedure, platelet rich plasma (PRP) is collected from the patient and injected into the scalp.  The application of PRP causes miniaturized hair follicles to become healthier and larger, producing more robust hair growth.  PRP activates follicular progenitor cells (adult stem cells) and PRP is loaded with growth factors that promote rapid angiogenesis and localized cell growth.  Effective for both male and female pattern hair loss, PRP has also regrown hair in alopecia areata, eyebrow hypotrichosis and other cases of non-hereditary hair loss.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Hair – One session – $900
Package of four – $2600
Face – One session $700
Neck and Decollete – One session $650
Hands – One session $550
Tear Troughs – One session $500
Package of four – $1500
Micro-needling – $250 per treatment ($125 discount)



EuroThreads: The Lunchtime Facelift!

A thread lift is a short, medical-grade suture that is inserted into the area of concern and the area is pulled tight.  This is a minimally invasive procedure using advances in thread technology that lifts and repositions sagging facial skin. The results can be as dramatic as facelift surgery with visible results with minimal recovery and with some swelling, little to no bruising, and invisible scarring. Thread lifts can target areas of the face and neck, including jowls, sagging eyebrows, drooping cheeks, neck, under-eye area, chest, butt, abdomen hands and more. The thread dissolves over time while the effect of the lift continues usually 1 to 3 years. The procedure stimulates collagen production in the affected area, encouraging the skin to stay strong.

EuroThreads Neck
EuroThreads Lips


A thread lift does not take long to do, usually an hour or less. A traditional facelift can take hours and recovery can last several weeks.

Price is determined at the time of consultation as each client will have varying needs.

Pricing starts at $350.


EuroThreads CrowsFeet


Sclerotherapy is a treatment for blood vessel and lymphatic system issues. It’s often used for children and young adults with these problems. Here’s how it works:

  • A special medicine is injected into the affected vessels.
  • This medicine makes the vessels shrink, fixing the issue.

For varicose or spider veins, sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution directly into them. This solution makes the vein walls swell and seal shut, stopping blood flow. Over a few weeks, the vein fades away. Varicose veins happen when valves in the veins don’t work properly.


1st – 20 minute session —  $250
Each addition  20 minutes session  — $150

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